Nexus Pilot Plant


Scraped surface heat exchanger for small-scale fat crystallization.


The Nexus Pilot Plant is capable of reproducing exactly the same conditions as those generated in large-scale production facilities. Ideal for heating, cooling, crystallizing and emulsifying various types of high viscosity dairy, fat and oil food products and processed foods.

This highly flexible unit uses CO2 as the cooling medium, which guarantees high efficiency and offers higher capacity and low energy consumption compared to NH3 and Freon.

It consists of several individual modules fully connected, wired and tested. The central module has up to 4 positions for SSHE equipment and Pin Rotor Machines. Includes a built-in CO2 compressor unit.

The Nexus Pilot Plant is easily expandable and it is also possible to add two tank dosing modules, high pressure pilot pump, pasteurization and remelting modules, SSHE for cold water and steam (BGS). Also available is the ERS Nexus Emulsification System pilot module for processed food products.


Plug & Play commissioning
SCADA system with built-in touch screen interface
Easy assembly and disassembly of each unit
Simple expandability
Optimized design for easy cleaning and maintenance of each part
Quick configuration modifications based on application or processing changes

Data Sheet

Additional information


2,100 mm, 1,350 mm, 1,550 mm (Length, Height, Depth)


40-160 kg/h por SSHE

Product Pressure

Máximum 120 bar.

Refrigerant Medium


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