Rotary 12.000/ 20.000

The GRUNWALD quick format change system allows changing formats in 5-10 minutes without using tools.


These machines are the flagship equipment of the GRUNWALD ROTARY, and like all Grunwald rotating machines, their design is based on proven concepts.

Its innovative hygienic design, with a minimal amount of loose parts in the work area and no sharp corners, ensures quick and easy cleaning.

Other special features are good working access and operator-friendly height. Even at speeds of more than 50 cycles per minute, ROTARY machines are extremely smooth and efficient in operation.

The change of product and format is fast, making the machines more efficient.


Format changes: another step that increases efficiency.

Additional information


2,000 x 2,000 mm


de 2 a 6 lines

Approximate nominal capacity

6,000 – 18,000 pots/h

Dosing range

10 – 2,000 ml

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